Friday, November 17, 2006

Visiting Grandparents.

Molly's Grandma & Grandpa, my Mom & Dad are visiting us for a few days. They were meant to be here early afternoon so they could surprise Molly at end of school time, but being my parents, they'd managed to turn left onto the motorway rather than right. Luckily they realised before they got to Leeds.

It appears I share many characteristics with my parents. Getting lost, being awful navigating a car and terminal lateness are obviously amongst them.

Once they did eventually arrive, Molly was surprised, bewildered and very, very excited. They're stopping a couple of nights with us. Which means tomorrow I have to find some way of entertaining them. We may go into York, we may go house-hunting. For it appears that all of our nagging has paid off and they're now beginning to consider the possibilities of moving up here as well.
But before that there was the vitally important job of playing schools with Molly and eventually, putting her to bed.

This does mean that tomorrow morning, instead of trying to wake me up at 7am, she has two new early morning targets.
Of course, I still have to get up and get her to school, but I may just get a 5 minute lie-in.

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