Friday, November 17, 2006

Making beds - literally

Today was busy.
Bed came from Argos yesterday for the spare room. Today I put it together.
As bad as Ikea instructions are, Argos instructions are much worse.
After a few hours of work, holding the instructions upside down to make sense for most of it, I had a bed.

Which is useful because my Mom & Dad came up to visit for a few days this afternoon and I would have felt bad having to make them sleep on the floor.

But before that it was time for the second computer course. A little better than the first one I suppose, but given that I'd have achieved more in the first one by trying to levitate the computer around the room, it really isn't that much of an improvement.
Got one test out of the way (45 minutes test. Took 22 minutes to do - and at least 5 minutes of that was down to the school network playing up) which leaves another 6. With only 3 lessons left before the Christmas break I really need to convince the tutor to let me get a move on if I'm going to finish it in time.

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