Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas presents - they looked like such a lot in the bags.....

Last night we got all of the presents down from their various hiding places around the house and laid them all out on the floor in the lounge.
Then, just like last year and the year before last, we got it into our heads that we hadn't bought enough for Molly.

Now, I know this is a terrible cliche with modern parents, but you really have to trust me here when I tell you that the one thing we don't do with Molly is spoil her. We've always been very careful to limit the amount of stuff she gets, sometimes to the point where we actually feel a little sorry for her when she hears about the ridiculous excesses of some of her friends.
Hell, I know some parents who probably need to start wrapping the stuff for their children sometime in October and then put the presents away in a specially constructed room to hold them all.

No, this time we really think we may have cocked it up. The problem with this year is that we've bought her quite a few smaller things. We've spent just as much as we normally do - probably more. But the quantity seems wrong, far too little to create that wow factor every parent is really after on Christmas morning. Especially since there may not be too many pure Christmases left, we've had far too many questions about Santa this year!

Hence, this morning , as Louise and Molly headed to Sainsbury's for last minute stuff, I headed in the opposite direction to the local toy shop to get a couple of extra things.

And in case some of you are sitting there reading this blog wondering if you're the parents I'm talking about with the present wing to the house - just take a look around you on Christmas Eve.
And in case some of our friends are reading this - it's not you.

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