Saturday, December 23, 2006

Start to the holidays.....

Louise finished work yesterday so all three of us are together for 2 weeks.
Expect fallings out by Boxing Day!

Had a lovely day today, Molly's auntie and nieces travelled up with Christmas presents. Molly is almost so excited at the moment that she can barely contain herself and a combination of seeing them and getting presents has rather sent her over the edge.
It's taken ages to get a very tired girl to sleep tonight and now I'm in the dog-house because I managed to wake her up a little while ago by turning the sound up on the music. Ooops.

Just Christmas Eve to go now.
We've got a horrible feeling that she's barely going to get any sleep tomorrow night and then we have the torture of Christmas morning.
Last year it was 3am.
Our own fault really. In the old house the lounge, Molly's room and the bathroom were all on the same level. So after waiting and waiting until 2am to put presents and stocking out I crawled to bed.
Of course, she woke up needing to go to the toilet at 2:55am. Saw her stocking, peered into the lounge and then simply couldn't get back to sleep.

We're negotiating her down to a reasonable time at the moment. She thinks 4am is a reasonable time. We're trying for 6am. Have another horrible feeling that she may win.

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