Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas this year......

When I left you, Christmas eve night / Christmas morning early hours wondering what time to go to bed, in the vain hope that Molly would get some sleep and not come bounding in at 3am like last year.

In the end, we decided to get crafty this year on Christmas morning with Molly, so we just changed her clock. She got up at 6am, yet thought it was 5am. Worked for us.

Although since she went to the toilet at 2am (our time, 1am her time) it was 3am by the time I got to bed after waiting a while for her to go to sleep so I could put her stocking out.

After the Christmas Eve panic over the number of presents we had for her, when we put them all out on the sofa (she left a nice note asking Santa to leave them there), they looked just fine.

Of course, this is a valuable lesson to any new parents out there. It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas. But since the adverts for all sorts of kiddie crap don't really hit the TV until December, you're always going to be on a deadline for getting the stuff. Now, because you're all sensible parents and know the value of not spoiling your child, you're not going to get too much.
BUT always get the presents out at least a week before Christmas and look at them.
If there are too many there, congratulations, you've just bought some birthday presents. Put them in a box and put them away until then.
But if there are too few, at least this way you can get some more.
We had to do the insane Christmas Eve secret dash for extras, which ended up with me buying a very nice and very expensive big teddy bear because I just knew that would make the present pile look fantastic!

The major hit this year is Teksta. A robotic puppy that's probably got more computery stuff than it took to get Apollo 11 to the moon. She's already burnt through one set of batteries on it and we can see it needing more before the end of the week.
It's basically a very simple 8 week old puppy with an on/off switch and less shit on the carpets. Which is nice.

My mom and dad finally made it to us about midday on Christmas Day and we began the second round of present opening. Molly loved it for her Baby Born car and I loved it because I have now finally got that proper I-pod I've been after for so very long.

They ended up staying all Christmas Day and Boxing Day before leaving us on Wednesday. A very enjoyable visit, leaving us just today free before the next round of visitors arrive - Del, Matt, Caleb & Amy should be with us at lunch tomorrow. In fact, Molly is still awake at this very moment because she's too excited to sleep because she's looking forward to them arriving. Great.

Off to try and get her to sleep. Is it wrong to give whisky to a 7 year old?
Okay, how about gin?

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