Saturday, December 30, 2006

Girls Aloud

The Sound of Girls Aloud: the Greatest Hits
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The latest Uncut magazine runs a review of Girls Aloud - The Sound Of Girls Aloud (Greatest Hits):

"It's hard to give a toss about the personalities; the ordinary girl-about-town lyrics are, at best, patronising; and their ballads and cover versions are wretched. But the endlessly mutating, electrorockabily singles .... are tremendous. "Biology" especially, is extraordinary, a Frankenstein's monster of random tunes held together by sheer nerve."

And you know what, having ended up buying it for Molly this Christmas, I have to say I think they're spot on there. Biology particularly is brilliant pop music that works even though it really does sound like it's been thrown together out of at least 4 song fragments.

(And in case you were wondering. My favourite is the uncomfortable looking ginger haired one.)

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