Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Comics International news.....

Being out of the comics scene as I am, I was really surprised to see this on Rich Johnston's great Lying in the Gutters:

"Dez Skinn, co-creator of "V For Vendetta," and publisher of "Warrior" and "Marvelman" has published the magazine "Comics International" for two hundred issues and almost as long as I've been enjoying American comics. I've read every issue, started writing pieces for it, and for the last few years, have seen extracts from LYING IN THE GUTTERS reprinted in its pages every month.
And after publishing its 200th issue, Dez has sold the magazine. To who, I don't know, but Dez is stepping down, news editor Mike Conroy stepping up to editor, and Dez will be consulting during transistion. Issue 201 is delayed, but will come out in the next few weeks."

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