Monday, December 04, 2006

The hidden swimming pool?

House news. We had the interim bill from Yorkshire Water today. For information only since we pay by direct debit but luckily I actually looked at it and couldn’t quite believe it.

According to their meter readings we’re using enough water each month to fill a couple of good sized swimming pools. Now unless there's a pool hiding in the garden that we haven't notice yet something is very wrong.

Luckily Yorkshire Water seem to agree. Now hopefully it’s one of two things. Either the meter reader was a complete moron and can’t transcribe 4 simple numbers properly or the actual meter has gone wrong.
The slightly bad scenario is there’s a leak outside causing the dodgy reading.
The bad scenario is there’s a leak in the house that we just can’t find.
The really bad scenario is there’s a leak somewhere under the house before it comes into the main stopcock thingy.

And of course, me being me, I’m worrying about the worst case scenario.

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