Thursday, December 14, 2006

Job Update - 2nd visit

Well, I popped along today for the morning at my new school.
And after a very pleasant morning I have to say I'm slightly less worried about it.

For a start it seems they're really keen for me to get working with the children a lot more than the other ICT technician did. Lots of classes to do, I may even have my own proper timetable, which effectively means that I'm a teaching assistant with ICT responsibilities. Which is good.

As for the worrying bit - the managing the network. It seems a lot of the higher up nuts and bolts; content filters, net connections etc are managed by the council and I don't have to worry about them. Good.
The actual physical school network was set up over a year ago by the existing ICT technician, who seems to know what she was doing and hopefully the network she set up is strong and reliable, which should mean not many problems. Hopefully.

The Head and the teacher in charge of ICT seem to be okay with me learning on the job and that suits me fine.

Of course, the real downside to the whole thing is wearing a bloody shirt for the first time in a job. Being a lab tech you can get away with just a T-shirt most of the time. But if I'm working with the kids it appears some form of shirt may be the order of the day. Poo.

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