Thursday, December 14, 2006

Margrave of the Marshes - John Peel

Margrave of the Marshes (Amazon Link)

Got this last year and have just re-read it. It's a spectacularly quick read, entertaining and yet another reason to miss the man himself.

The first part, completed by Peel before his untimely death is everything you expected it to be. Peel wrote as he talked and as he presented; with enough of himself coming through to make it seem like he's in the room with you.
Unfortunately the first person narrative finishes before he gets back to the BBC. But he gives enough fascinating detail about future events to make you intrigued to know what he intended for the remainder of the book. Such a shame.

The remainder of the book, finished by Sheila and the family falls somewhat flat, but that's not really surprising. After all, who could replace him? That's certainly been proven on Radio 1, where his slot has just been increasingly diluted, messed around and ignored, one great man's vision replaced by inferior copyists who seem content to marginalise and ghetto-ise music. Horrible.

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