Thursday, January 18, 2007

King David - Kyle Baker

First, an admission; this isn’t as good as any of Kyle Baker’s previous books; Cowboy Wally, Why I Hate Saturn & You Are Here.

But that’s always going to be a difficult task anyway, as Cowboy Wally & Why I Hate Saturn are two of my favourite books.

It’s all subjective & based solely on my opinion.

Having said all that, King David would still rank reading and enjoying because:
Kyle Baker can do very little wrong.
It’s vibrant, brilliant & funny.
It showcases a seamless blend of computer work & individual talent.
It’s very, very good.
Baker has decided that the obvious next stage of his comic career is a fairly accurate retelling of the Biblical story of King David (yes, the one who killed Goliath with the pebble & the elastic).
It always seemed a strange choice for one of the funniest writers in comics, but he’s pulled it off with some style. In deciding to tell the story fairly straight with moments of cutting sarcasm & deadpan dialogue he seems to get the balance just right.

All in all; it’s Kyle Baker. Those of you who’ve read his work will know that that’s enough to make this book a must have.

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