Wednesday, January 17, 2007

To the trainee ICT advisor, East Riding Schools dept.......


You know how you pointed out to me that it may well be something relating to the password that meant the Sophos auto update wasn't connecting to the server when I telephoned this afternoon?
& you remember how I was adamant, absolutely certain beyond all doubt that it couldn't be the password, since if I'd managed to get that wrong the whole bloody thing wouldn't install?

I was sort of, just a little bit, maybe a smidgen, teeny-weensy bit short with you.
& it also appears you may have been a little bit right.

It definitely wasn't the password - at least I got that right.
But maybe I should have paid a little more attention to the username.
It appear when it says ****23***** it just won't accept *****24*****.

Chocolates or flowers?

As you can tell, the day did not go swimmingly.

Although looking back, everything worked that I wanted to work and I got quite a bit done.
Secretary broke her Internet connection; I fixed it. (And, bizarrely, fixed the printer error at the same time. No idea how).
Sophos problem happened; fixed it. (yes, I know I also caused it but what's your point?).
Installed software on Year 6 machines.
Found 2 more laptops that will work on the network and installed all the software.
Sorted out a network printer connection for the staff work room.
Finally got around to putting the PC World order in. (headphones, CD-Rs, sleeves, cleaners).
Arranged two Smartboard / Interactive Whiteboard companies to visit to give us a quote.

So not at all bad really.
Still feel bad about the ICT trainee though. Sounded like he was all of 18 as well.
Oh well, he needs to toughen up. Crying down the phone like that is just not the done thing in a help centre.

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