Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pocklington Christmas Extravaganza.....

Thursday 7th December. Pocklington town centre had it's annual Christmas celebrations. (Well, they're meant to be annual, but last year there wasn't anything, I think the council forgot to put up the lights or something like that.)

6pm - 9pm. Lights switched on, Santa comes down the high street and sees small children in his grotto, there's a tree in the main square, lots of fairground rides and the town comes out to have fun. Most of the shops open, loads of mulled wine, mince pies and seasonal stuff going on. It was a lovely night, lots of people bumped into, lots of faces I see at the school gates and lots of names I can't remember.
(Interesting aside - I have the worst memory for adult's names but an uncanny knack of instantly remembering children's names. I can already name most of Molly's classmates, but almost none of the parents. Strange.)

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