Friday, January 05, 2007

Back to work - end of a short week.....

Two great things about the new job happened today.

The most obvious, given that I'm writing this at home at 2pm on Friday afternoon is that I had my first Friday afternoon off. Every Friday, I get to finish at 12. Which is lovely. Although when I see the pay packet this month and realise quite how little I'm being paid now may not be all that great after all.

But the best thing about today. The pupils. They are just fabulous. Tiny bits of potential all looking to learn and do stuff. They can be silly, happy, fun, sad or just plain interesting, but always a joy to be around.
I even got to do my first break duty in the KS1 playground today. Felt really strange to be walking around the playground as 80+ kids were running around. All I seemed to do for the first 5 minutes was open bananas for them (they just seem incapable of managing it themselves.) Then the rest of the time was spent chatting to the children whilst trying to keep an eye out for the ones falling over, getting muddy, scraping their knees, being naughty or pushing other children over.
It's very stressful trying to have eyes everywhere when there are that many running around, but it's an awful lot of fun as well.

As for the ICT stuff, that happened as well.
Year 2 first thing, working on their English and sentence structure. So much fun, even started to learn a few names.
Printers to fix, network printers to add - which I felt very, very chuffed when they finally registered on the network and printed their test pages.
Started to have a look at the ICT cupboards as well, bloody hell, what a mess. Why does no-one ever throw things away? There are 3 big boxes of Microsoft manuals in there. If anyone wants to have a MS Word for Windows manual from 10 years ago, let me know.

So then it was home by 1:45 (even stayed late for half an hour to finish stuff off) for coffee and blogging. Off to pick Molly up in a little while and start the busy weekend.

All in all, a very nice start to this working lark. Although it was only a 2 and a half day week this week. Next week it's the full 4 and a half days for me. How will I cope?

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