Friday, January 05, 2007

Scritti Politti - White Bread Black Beer

White Bread Black Beer
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I heard the wonderful Dr Abernathy on a Word magazine cd a while ago and ended up getting the album on the back of that.
It's marvellous. But sometimes a marvellous instant hit can wear after a few weeks of almost continuous play. It's often the albums you don't instantly rave over that last the longest time in your hearts.

My classic example of this was in 1985. I bought Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms and Propaganda's Secret Wish at the same time, loving Money for Nothing on the Dire Straits album and Jewel on the Propaganda album. The Dire Straits album was instantly accessible, but the Propaganda album didn't really do anything for me. Of course, 20 years later the Dire Straits album was chucked a long time ago but the Propaganda album is constantly on the ipod and much loved.

But the Scritti Pollitti cd is a lot more Propaganda than Dire Straits and is standing the test of time so far, regular plays are rewarding and the whole cd just gets better and better. Green's voice is still just as unique, just as haunting and beautiful as it was all those years ago. The music is older, more thoughtful but no less listenable for that. After all, I'm older now as well and my musical tastes have changed as well.

So, all in all, probably my favourite cd of the year. Or at least equal first, because Kate Bush's Aerial still stands out. And I know Aerial was 2005, but it's my best of list and if I say it's in, then it's in dammit!

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