Thursday, January 04, 2007

Best of 2006 - Everything

Having posted up my cd of the year - which is effectively my favourite tracks of the year, although not necessarily new to 2006, just my favourites, I realise I should really pull my finger out and do a run down of some other favourites.
Hopefully the pulling out of fingers is catching because I still need the lads and lasses at Nostalgia & Comics to get their best of comics and graphic novel lists to me (Yes, I know you're reading, now stop and make that list dammit).

Best TV:
Dr. Who.

Best Book:
Freakonomics - Steven D Levitt

Best CD:
Tie - Kate Bush Aeriel / Scritti Politti White Bread Black Beer

Best Comics:
Planetary 26 by Warren Ellis & John Cassaday
All Star Superman by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely
Fell by Warren Ellis & Ben Templesmith

Best Graphic Novels:
Fate of the Artist by Eddie Campbell
Fun Home by Alison Bechdel
Desolation Jones by Warren Ellis

Short and sweet best of lists are always the best, although in this case they may be indicative of my lack of time tonight in putting this together. Curse this whole job, sleep thing. Takes up far too much of the day. 24 hours minus 5 to sleep, minus 7 work, minus 6 family = 6 hours blogging time? Where does it all go?

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