Friday, January 26, 2007

The curse of Sky

We were always convinced that we had absolutely no need for more than the 5 TV channels. After all we didn't manage to watch everything we wanted to watch anyway (and heaven knows, that wasn't much!). So our thinking was always that there would be absolutely no point getting Sky or a Freeview box just too get another 100 channels of shite.

So moving up to Pocklington and finding out how awful the terrestrial TV was we decided to bite the bullet and get Freeview.
But the aerials need to be those super-duper jobs. Too much trouble and too expensive.
Maybe cable? Nope, cable don't come out this far. Bloody hell, we're lucky to have mains electricity and gas to be honest.
So Sky it was going to have to be. Then we discovered that they did something called FreeSat. Like Freeview but with even more ridiculously bad channels that you're just never going to watch.

(Who does watch the gambling, quiz show, shopping and God channels anyway? Maybe that could be a question on a future census. Then we'll know who to forcibly emigrate to Wales.)

But Sky are obviously wary of us take the cheap dish and never pay again types and throw in a years free basic Sky as well. This means we've got a whole host of extra channels.
And unfortunately, after years and years of saying how pointless it was getting Sky, it appears we're getting sucked in to the satellite age after all.

Damn Sky / FreeSat for their good TV. We're currently watching 24, Nip Tuck Ugly Betty and we seem to be watching a lot of Simpsons, MASH, Frasier and QI as well. Plus good stuff on Sci-Fi as well. We've even got Molly into Buffy.
Damn you Sky. We're even thinking of paying for it when the year's free subscription we got for buying FreeSat from them runs out.


  1. That's how they get you... I went cable when I bought a place in Edinburgh simply because BT were crap about putting in a phone, Telewest were much better and threw in basic cable for a few quid more plus cheaper calls and that was it. Sometimes I think on saving some money by ditching the cable when I realise I only watch a few new shows I could easily download, like Battlestar etc. But I'd miss having all the history and documentary channels on tap whenever I want and the never-ending repeats of MASH still draw me in...

  2. yes, those old MASH episodes are like TV crack. Damn Sky. Damn it to hell.