Friday, January 26, 2007

Latest bedtime reading for Molly - Calvin & Hobbes

Molly was having a look at the bookshelves and looking at the graphic novels. She wanted to know when she could read some of them.

Luckily I don't have to shoo her away as I have the perfect solution. This means that every night for the past week Molly and I have been curling up together to read about 10 pages from the first Calvin & Hobbes book.

Although it's absolutely fantastic it is quite difficult sometimes to literally translate the text and the spirit and the actions in a 3 or 4 panel gag cartoon. After a slightly difficult start we've hit on a nice solution of me covering up the final payoff panel and between us we're reading ad describing the other panels. And we're having great fun doing it as well.

So we can add Calvin & Hobbes to the list of comics that Molly loves. If you have a love of comics and a desire to share them with your children may I also suggest:

Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean's Why I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish & The Wolves In The Walls.
Andy Runton's Owly series.
Jill Thompson's quite wonderful Little Endless Storybook.


  1. The recent Wonderful Wizard of Oz by David Chauvel and Enrique Fernandez is also highly recommended - picked it up before December and it is simply gorgeous for kids or those of us who are big kids.

  2. Cheers Joe.
    That one I'd managed to miss, but have just googled it and it does indeed look quite wonderful.

    And only £4.68 from the FPI store as well.
    Joe would never shamelessly plug it like that, so I'll have to do it for him.

    FPI store - Wizard of Oz