Monday, January 15, 2007

Customer Service, how can we annoy you today?

Had to phone up Scottish power and British Gas today - they still haven't sorted out our gas account transfer. And this morning Scottish Power sent me one of those lovely "pay or it's debt collection" letters.
Particularly since we've done everything they asked and got readings, details and anything else to them as soon as they asked. It's British Gas and Scottich f-ing Power at fault, yet we get the nasty letter.

So, onto the inevitable automated phone service.
Menu, menu, menu, menu, menu.
Then the request to key in the 100 digit account number.

Finally through to a person.
First thing they ask: "Can I have your account number please?"
Why? What is the point? Why ask for it already?

Yes, I had a pissy day at work today, why do you ask?
Today I realised that what I observed at Lordswood with the ICT technician there is true of all schools. Once the network is okay, once the computers are okay, the main thing that gets seriously fucked up is the printers.

Why the printers?
Because the teachers like to print.
Because the teachers have no patience with the printers.
Because the printers have little coloured buttons on them.
Because teachers like to press little coloured buttons over and over.
Pressy, press,pressy,pressy,pressy,press,pressy,pressy,press,pressy,press.

Then they call me.

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