Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The numberjacks problem...

Numberjacks is a children's TV programme on the BBC.
It's also a section on the cBeebies website (here if you're interested).

One of the Foundation children at school is absolutely terrified of it. Hysterical at the very thought of them being on the computer.
Can I find a way to block them from the computers in foundation?

Obviously at home they've just put the website in the banned list on Internet Explorer but that actually bans the root website, meaning it bans not only cBeebies/numberjacks but all of cBeebies and all of the bbc website as well, which is not something the Foundation staff want.

So far I've downloaded and tested 22 programmes to block websites. The problems are that I need something to work on Windows ME and filter by keyword rather than website.
Even then it's not guaranteed to work. Today I thought I had the perfect solution until it refused to install on the computers. Arse.

Tomorrow I have another 5 to try.
I will find a solution.
But if you know of any others........

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