Friday, January 26, 2007

I love my job...... But......

I am having a fantastic time doing the ICT technician thing at the primary school.
Sure, I know not much about networks, but I am learning. Yesterday I installed a new printer onto the network and shared it so that an entire suite could use it.

But the main enjoyment of the job comes from working at a primary school with the children. After years of Louise telling me so, I am realising that I'm perfectly suited to it. I'm also, so it seems, very good at it as well.

Home yesterday in such a bad mood. I was really fed up. And the entire mood could be traced to me helping one of the year 1 kids on my way to and fro this horrible printer. She was trying to get her coat on for afternoon break and couldn't quite manage it so I stepped in to hold the sleeve. Then we hunted for the right hanger for a coat that had fallen on the floor. We had a chat all through this about stuff and she skipped happily off to play. Then the depressed mood hit me.
I love working with primary kids, I'm also enjoying sharing a knowledge of computers with them. But I know that it's all going to come to an end in July when the temporary maternity cover finishes.
So I'm in the idiotic position of getting depressed and upset because I love my job too much.

Or at least I think it will all end in July.
There is always the possibility that the woman will either not want to come back at all or will want to extend her maternity leave.

But in some ways I'd rather know for certain that she was coming back, because that way I would be able to try to stop falling in love with a fantastic job.

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