Monday, January 08, 2007

The James Herriot museum and Sutton Bank.....

Today we toddled along to Thirsk and the James Herriot museum, after a classic bit of misrepresentation in a guide book.
We had a look in our "Let's Go With The Kids - Yorkshire" and saw that the museum was meant to have a hands on section, something interesting to do with vets etc etc. But the place was just a museum, nothing as hands on as we wanted and certainly nothing like Molly wanted.

That's not to say it wasn't a nice place to go to, a very good afternoon in a very nice museum, but not the sort of day we had planned.

Of course, on the way back I got to go to one of my favourite places in the world: Sutton Bank.

It's a beautiful natural rock face on the edge of the Yorkshire moors, with stunning views of the surrounding area and a series of quite spectacular walks.

Unfortunately today it was too wet, too rainy, too foggy and generally too shit weather wise to even consider getting out of the car to have a look round. But at least we got to do the very fun drive up the road going up the side of the Bank. It's a 25% gradient, but at points it seems much steeper. It's such a great hill to drive up and down, particularly if there isn't much traffic to slow you up and you can really attack it.

Tonight we only went up it once, but the last time we were in the area, a couple of years ago, Molly enjoyed it so much that when we got to the top, we turned right around went back down and did it all over again. It's like the rollercoaster ride that you don't have to queue for.

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