Sunday, January 28, 2007

My wonderful weekend....

What a busy weekend we have had.

It was Louise's niece Rachel's Birthday this weekend. She's 16 now.
Which just makes me feel ancient.
I'm sure she won't mind me saying how the first time I met her she was a tiny wee thing who had a tendency to run around the house taking her clothes off.
Of course, seeing as I was a young 20 something myself at the time and had only just started going out with Louise I found all of this bizarre and embarrassing.
Although hopefully not quite as embarrassing as Rachel does now.

Happy Birthday Rachel. (You're just lucky we didn't take pictures back then.)

Had a lovely meal out and then headed home. Full beyond belief after starters, pizza course and the nicest sticky toffee pudding I've had for a long time. (Thanks for that Sharon, a really lovely meal.) Of course, driving on that stomach wasn't the best and we needed to stop and fill up on coffee just to keep me awake enough to get us home.

But before going to Rachel's party we decided we may as well make a weekend of it and stay overnight at Del & Matt's place in Nottingham. Molly had Caleb and Amy to play with.
We had drink. We had lots of drink. We ate lots of pizza (cheers Del) and went to bed late like real grown ups do.

Everyone marvelled over the Wii that Caleb had for Christmas. I know it's been said before, but this Wii thing is just wonderful. The graphics are amazing as expected but it's the simple playability of the thing that truly amazes. Having the remote in your hand and actually using it to hit the ball or swing the bowling ball is an amazingly addictive and fun way to play. It even made Louise turn around and suggest we got one. Louise! Louise who just doesn't do computer games of any sort.
Tennis was the family favourite, so much fun to play, although slightly dangerous in an enclosed space with alcohol.

Luckily, nothing serious - if you want to see what can actually go wrong with a remote control you use by waving it around a lot go to the fantastically funny blog Wii have a problem. (TV screens, windows, faces - it's all there)

So that was our weekend. Got home & unpacked the car - how does one night away manage to generate a full car? Then Molly crashed out and Louise and I did the same.
Of course, now it's getting near midnight so I've woken up.
Curse my bloody insomnia.

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