Sunday, January 28, 2007

John Peel blogs.....

Perusing the Guardian guide yesterday in the motorway service station, I came across a list of some excellent Peel blogs.
Being the lovely person I am I pocketed the guide with the intent to post them later on. My thinking being that they're more likely to be clicked on if I post them than if some trucker spills his coffee and lard breakfast over them.

John Peel Everyday - a huge amount of Peel stuff here.
The Perfumed Garden - audio links to peel sessions, some fantastic stuff.
The Run Out Groove - more of the same..
The Furtive 50 - looks at Peel's much loved and much missed Festive 50.

All wonderful.
I'll be clicking and downloading a lot tomorrow at school I think.


  1. Wow was I listed in The Guardian? Any chance you could scan that page for me? Or perhaps I could make you a dvd full of Peel shows for the guide itself - I'd love to see it.

    Either way, thanks for the link Richard :)

    aka Domestic Empire
    john peel everyday

  2. No problems at all,
    One Guardian guide in the post to you.
    Now everyone join together and let's crash Gary's server with the combined traffic :)

  3. Received with thanks :-)

    A site crash would be rather amusing actually.