Friday, January 12, 2007

Q. What's a social life?
A. Ask Molly, I have no idea anymore.

Molly is now doing:
Swimming lessons with school and with Pocklington swim club in the evenings.
Brownies on a Tuesday is taking off and they're organising several trips and visits.
After school clubs include Line Dancing and Board Games.
And most of her class seem to want her to come round to visit them.

Us: we get an hour in the pub every Tuesday while Molly's at Brownies.

Not fair really, but even that can't spoil my mood . Had another lovely day at school today.
More great fun with the kids. Another playground duty, this time it was Reception Year 1 & Year 2 playground.
More bananas to peel and even the odd satsuma as well. Then 20 minutes of them racing around like mad things. Had one lost coat, two tumbles resulting in very muddy clothes and three tumbles requiring me to look at knees/hands/legs/wrists/backs and faces. I don't think it was my presence that caused them all to have bumps, probably the wind making them go a little haywire.

And then out at half 12 after an extra half hour trying to find a way to specifically block access to a most hideous, vile website. It appears on of our Foundation / Reception boys has developed a pathological fear of the numberjacks on the cbeebies website and tv channel. So much so that he cried last time they even talked about using the computers. Strange.

I know you can block websites in Internet Explorer, but that's too general. It wont let me just block one page, it tries to block the whole site.
But have now adapted one of the Freeware Internet filter packages to do the trick. By just having it filter numberjacks as a keyword it seems to work. So that on Monday morning we can all show him that those nasty Numberjacks cannot get to him any more.
Kids are so weird but great.

After that, home for lunch, coffee and a quick read. Then off out to pick up some groceries and have a mooch around Pocklington. Then a lovely leisurely walk to pick Molly up. If I have to be honest, that's the one thing I really miss about having a job, not being able to walk at my leisure. Instead every morning it's a race to get to school early and back home to get the car to go to work and then every evening it's a race from the job home at 3:15 in the car, drop it off at home, and a fast walk to get to Molly's school by 3:30. So it's nice to have an early finish on Friday and be able to take a pleasant wander up to school at my own pace.

The joys of walking! Rural life is having an effect after all.

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