Friday, January 12, 2007

Question Time. Or why we should all go round to Kelvin's house....

Tonight's Question Time was a thing of pure hate.
One one end of the panel you had little (Boy) George Osbourne, current Tory poster boy, whilst at the other end, Kelvin MacKenzie.
Hateful meets detestable really. The first a pathetic, points scoring, slimy Tory wannabe who just oozes slime onto camera and the other an overbearing, pompous piece of journalistic scum, deeply in love with his own mystique and convinced the audience would love his boorish attempts at provocation.

My personal favourite section?
MacKenzie tries to defend his recent statements over why he apologised to the Liverpool fans in the wake of the Hillsborough disaster and why he didn't really mean it and he stands by what he printed.
(links here, here, here and particularly here)

He then starts on about Kate (I'm marrying the next King, me) Middleton and expressed his surprise at how much fuss has been made over her treatment this week at the hands of the press.
Now I'm certainly no Royalist and do believe that anyone involved with Royalty really has to expect the media spotlight, but I nearly choked when dear old Kelvin asked if anyone really thought it was that big a deal and wondered why she couldn't just walk out of her house, flash a smile to the 20 photographers and get in her car.

At which point I thought of a lovely game to play.
Please, If you're in London, please get 19 mates and nip off to Kelvin's house tomorrow with cameras.
Then proceed to get right in his nasty fat face , follow him around, get as close as you can, maybe even try for one of those oh so tasteful up the trouser shots as he gets in the car.
Make sure that all the while you keep screaming:
"What's wrong Kelvin? Surely it can't be that difficult to give us a smile?"

Sure you might get arrested, but think of the fun.

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