Monday, January 01, 2007

Well, that's the New Year seen in then......

As promised I spent last night in front of the TV watching the pretty fireworks in London. Then we had drinky time till 3am.
A nice enough night and we certainly didn't have the nasty heads that we're fairly certain the couple having a blazing row outside our front door last night will have woken up with. Something about "that fucking tart" over and over again. Very entertaining.

Today was spent doing very little as all three of us woke up late - even Molly didn't wake till 8:30am, almost unheard of in Bruton Mansions.

One special treat I did manage to get for myself was to sit down for 3 hours this afternoon and watch the complete Battlestar Galactica mini series on Sky. The sort of introductory thing for the TV series - not the original, slightly cheesy one, this is the recent one. We've been hearing lots of good things about it (especially from Warren Ellis, who loves it, it seems) and kept thinking we should check it out. It's certainly good, had me watching for 3 hours while Louise did the good job of playing schools with the cuddly toys (& Molly) upstairs.
Now have to get the 1st series of it from amazon on rental and then we're on for the 2nd series on Sky soon.
One problem it does bring up though is that now we've got Sky for a year with the freesat + 2 sky packages deal they do, we're getting too used to having the extra channels. And unfortunately, all the ones we seem to be watching are the ones we're going to lose in a years time when we go to freesat. So much for me scoffing about having nothing to watch (here).
Next up tonight we have the final two episodes of Torchwood. I'll watch them and probably blog it sometime, but I think I'm the same as everybody I know when I say that it's been hugely disappointing. It's not that the idea isn't good. In fact, the ideas are great, lots of classic sci-fi and comic plotlines and the whole thing could have read like Warren Ellis' Planetary. But it's badly done, acted badly, plotted badly, dialogues awful and the adult parts seem bolted on as a frankly unnecessary attempt to shock.
(Which leads you all to ask the obvious question - why the hell am I going to watch it then?)

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