Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And how the hell was I supposed to know that?......

I'm still on dial up internet.
There, I've said it now. You can all have you little snicker and get it over with. I know I should have gone broadband ages ago, but a mixture of things has stopped me.
Primarily, the house move. After all, once we started thinking about it what was the point.
Second, the bloody inconvenience of it all; now I know you normal people may not quite understand this, but computers just royally piss me off. Sure, I love them dearly, technonut that I am, but I also get horribly wound up when they go wrong. And don't tell me how simple the transfer is. I've heard the horror stories.
Third, sheer bone idle-ness. Everything I need to do online I can do on dial up. But what about the downloads, what about you-tube. Nope, can do without them to be honest. Well, sort of. It has helped that I always seem to have open access to high speed broadband (school, computer course) so I can do fast downloads when I really need to.

But sometimes it pisses me off. Take tonight. For some unknown reason, Orange have just decided to change there e-mail protocols. I've got a freeserve back up email that I use as a separate account. Now freeserve got taken over by wanadoo who got taken over by orange. But the pop and smtp settings remained the same. Until tonight.
Now I'm tech-savvy. I know how to change stuff like pop and smtp settings. So I backed up my freeserve settings and set up new orange settings.
It used to be, I figured a good guess was
Two and a half expensive minutes later on the helpline and I find out they decided it should be

Now, how the hell was I supposed to know that.
Perhaps, just perhaps, Orange should have actually bothered to e-mail me to tell me they are changing the settings?
But then again, that way they wouldn't make some easy money off the helpline would they.

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