Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today was a training course on webpage design.....

Or at least, it was advertised as such. But I should have known, this is working in schools after all. It was actually a course to show us, in minute, monotonous, dull detail exactly how to use the web-authoring software that East Riding council have decided to implement.

Basically, they've decided that all the schools in the east Riding should have websites. Which is a good idea. But they've also decided that no-one in the primary schools has the ability to do anything about it. Which, on reflection, isn't far wrong.
I'm the only ICT technician I know of in the entire East Riding working in primary schools.
(I'm sure, with increased integration of ICT in primary schools in the future, there will be more in the future, but that won't help me in July when I'm out of a job because the tech on maternity leave comes back!)

So, we get a very structured webpage template which has a oh so bloody simple editing program. So simple in fact that even a teacher can use it.
Well, based on today's training session, probably not.
You never really realise just how much you really know until you're confronted with highly skilled people on great wages who aren't quite sure where the floppy disk goes.

Which may go some way to explaining why the first half hour of the session was taken up with explaining how to open up a webpage and what all the little buttons at the top do.

But as I'm sitting there, bored to death and pretending to be interested and involved, I was musing over the inherent crapness of training sessions.

One of the things I've always hated most about training sessions is when the trainer puts up their crappy powerpoint presentation, hands out the same crappy powerpoint presentation on paper and then proceeds to read it aloud from the screen.
I can bloody read thanks. And hopefully, seeing as the rest of the group are all involved in educating the future generation, they can as well.
And thanks to the needless duplication, I have a choice of sources from which to read.
Maybe you could do something useful while I'm reading?
Black, two sugars cheers.

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