Sunday, February 18, 2007

Half term holidays coming to an end.....

It's the end of half term here at Bruton mansions, and surprisingly it's not the usual doom and gloom filled day that going back to school usually means.
Obviously this is me I'm talking about, not Molly. For Molly, going back to school is an enjoyable thing and means back to having fun with her friends rather than the chore of going back to work.
But for me, it's a surprise because I'm actually quite looking forward to heading back to work. Which is a strange feeling because I'm far more used to spending the last day of any holiday feeling absolute crap and lamenting the fact that I have to work at all and why should I have to go back to working in the warzone that was Smiths Wood School.
(Nothing to do with the actual staff or management, purely a reaction to going back to Smiths Wood and having to deal with all the crap that the kids throw at you during the routine course of the day. Believe me, you wouldn't believe even a quarter of the things we had to put up with on a daily basis.)

So it's quite a revelation that I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow morning and heading back to work. Obviously this is further confirmation that working in a primary school is something I should have looked at doing many years ago.

Ho hum.
As for the rest of Half Term, it's been a rather strange one really. As we spent Saturday to Tuesday in Birmingham and Dudley it's seemed a fractured kind of break, indeed it could easily be described as a break of two halves. The frantic, must see everyone and go everywhere of the first half has switched back to a more relaxed Yorkshire way of life in the second half. But both halves were very enjoyable thanks very much.

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