Monday, February 19, 2007

Blogging derailed thanks to tiredness, Heroes and bloody Microsoft....

Oh, I had some wonderful things to share with you tonight.But I'm too bloody tired.

Lovely day at work, followed by swimming, then home, then bath and bed for Molly.
Then after I eventually woke up, cold and stiff on Molly's floor it was 9. Made the mistake of watching an old episode of Black Books on Sky. Followed, inevitably, by another old episode of Black Books.
By which time it was time for Heroes (official site , wiki). This is the much anticipated new series on the Sci-Fi channel. Louise and I weren't disappointed. Absolutely fabulous first episode. We're looking forward to watching episode 2 on video tomorrow.

But that meant I was hideously late getting any work done.No blogging, no reviews. Arse.
Instead I decided to install that copy of Microsoft Office 2003 I've had lying around for a week.
I'm still using Office 97. A spectacular decade out of date now. Gosh. Little old technojoyous me that far behind, the shame of it.
Office 2003 looks nice, but is huge and is demanding bloody service packs and all sorts of updates already. Typical Microsoft it seems. And it's taken all night to look at it, tweak it and generally make it work like Office 97 did anyway.
We shall see.

Although one problem I have come across if I don't like it and want Office 97 back: I did a complete 2003 uninstall and reinstalled 97 (Just to check if Office 97 would still work under it). And then every time I try to open an Office file it tells me that the file is already bloody open.
Not a huge problem, the file works fine after that, but an annoyance if ever I decide to go back to Office 97.

(And no, I have no idea why on earth I would go back to Office 97 either. Just another example of my hideously obsessive behaviour sneaking through.)

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