Saturday, February 10, 2007

Snow? Not bloody here it hasn't.....

It has come to our attention, up here in the North that my city of birth is currently under something like 4ft of snow - or at least that's what it looks like when we tuned into Midlands Today tonight (another benefit of Sky we've discovered - the ability to watch all the crap BBC local stations).

Molly is particularly upset by this. She realises that, if she was still back there she'd have spent the last two days off school, making snowmen and flying down hills just like Calvin & Hobbes do.

We did have snow up here. Wednesday lunchtime. For an hour. That was it.
Oh well, maybe we'll get some soon. We're quite looking forward to being completely cut off in a strange way. Although Molly was upset again when I pointed out that since school is just a short walk away now, we will always be able to make it there. And even more disappointingly for her came the news that Pocklington schools have never closed because of snow.
Poor thing.

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