Monday, February 26, 2007

Stephen King's The Dark Tower.
Future of Comics? God help me.

“Quesada went on to say that publishing the Dark Tower comic book has been the coming out party for the comic book industry, noting that this project will be able to reach far out into the mainstream, and show that comics are a serious art form, and an art form to be reckoned with. ‘The Dark Tower coming to comics,’ Quesada said, ‘not just Marvel, but comics, is a great honor, and a very special occasion for the industry.’”
- Newsarama’s Matt Brady, reporting on New York Comic Con’s Steven King panel by Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada

(I got it via the top line of Dirk's ever wonderful Journalista for today.)

Of course, my immediate thought on reading the quote was - "It's a pity it's a bag of shit then".

Yet again we're - or more accurately, they're - making a terrible mistake.
Okay, maybe a Stephen King comic will sell more Stephen King comics to Stephen King fans.
But long term development of the medium. Forget it.
And anyone else who picks it up thinking they might want to try these comic things are just going to assume all comics are as badly written as this and forget the whole idea.

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