Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tired. Have Links. Goodnight.

Another good day at work followed by another night playing with office 2003.
Think I've got it sorted so it does what I tell it now.

But that means another night where I'm up late and feeling bloody tired.
Too tired to blog anything seriously
so instead, have a few links:

via Pete: Bryan Talbot news. Alice in Sunderland coming out in April, plus his long promised book of comic convention gossip and scandal; The Naked Artist coming out in July. Plus he's doing a signing at Nostalgia & Comics Birmingham on April 7th.
(hmmm, might try to get down for that one.)

via Comics Reporter: Matt Madden's theory of the Moomins and Lost.

via the Newsarama Blog: Andi Watson on his new series Clubbing.

via The Beat: Andy Ruton's updated site - more Owly is always great news.

That's it, off to bed soon.
Have to be up early tomorrow to get my head sorted for a training day. Off to somewhere near Beverley for training in how to make the school website work.
A training day where I'm actually going to pay attention. Amazing.

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