Friday, March 09, 2007

And that was my week....

Another Friday comes around......

This week was mostly spent finishing off the Interactive Whiteboard Installation at work. We had 4 of the things installed in one go and even though they were installed well I still had to go round this week making sure everything worked okay.
Of course, next week will be the real fun week as we try and get the technophobe teacher to actually start using his board. So far this week he's been doing his best to ignore that particular elephant in the room and has been putting his class off every time they asked him when they could use it.

And at home it seems I've spent most of the week fighting off this bloody horrible cold. It's not particularly bad, but it is completely throwing off my concentration and making it really difficult to get around to blog posts and even harder to actually sit down at the computer and review stuff for the next Propaganda @ FPI column.
I have managed to finish up and put a final polish on a large Daredevil review that was originally intended to be just reviewing Brubaker's Daredevil Inside & Out but transformed itself into a look back at Miller and Bendis on Daredevil as well.
Apart from that the only real review I got finished was for Pride of Baghdad, a book I'd been looking forward to reading for a while seeing as it had been raved about both in the shop and online. But I found it a bit of a let down to be honest.
I'm also halfway through Kyle Baker's wonderfully funny Cowboy Wally Show. This is one of those books I've loved since I first saw it and will re-read every so often. But the cold keeps stopping me getting any rational thoughts down about it.

Oh well, the weekend awaits.....
And I really should get to bed now. The trying to get to my bed before midnight each night isn't really working. It's been more like 1am each night. But that's a lot better than the 2am or 3am late nights I w\s doing a while ago.

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