Saturday, March 10, 2007

Reviewing again.......

Spent the first half of the day in the house with Molly, today it was time for the children to have their lessons at the school (translation - all her cuddly toys in nice rows in her room having lessons from teacher Molly and teacher Me).
A very weird few hours of playtime where Molly tells them everything she's been taught at school - possibly the only way we ever get to find out what she's doing at school since she doesn't tell us when we ask.

Sample conversation after school:
"Molly, what did you do at school today?"
"Thanks Molly"

And that's it. It's very very difficult to get even the slightest piece of information out of her, but it's always been thus. At least after parents evening the other day we know she's doing well and everything is okay.

After that we had meant to do some Mother's Day stuff. We're very disorganised this year. Usually, we have lots of things planned for Mummy but so far we've got a card and a bit of chocolate. Ideas are very thin on the ground. And even the card is one of the worst Louise has ever got for Mother's Day - that's the problem with having a 7 year old - they're old enough to choose for themselves!

Louise was at work doing some training today so the original plan of them heading out somewhere went by the wayside, which was a shame because today was going to be my day to get some reviewing done for the next propaganda. I've found that I really need a good day to myself to get everything reviewed and finalised. It's not enough to have time of a night. By the time we get Molly to bed and actually wake up enough to function it's quite late and I'm lucky if I get time to get a bit of blogging done and then do a first draft of something or other.

So every other week Louise has agreed that Molly and her will have a Molly and Mummy day. In truth, this is something she really missed since we moved up here. For the first 6 years of Molly's life they were used to me heading out of the door on Saturday morning to go to Nostalgia & Comics and Louise in particular, finds it hard getting used to the idea of me being around on a Saturday. (Or she's fed up with me under her feet and this is just an excuse to get away, you decide).

In the end we got a video out and Louise and Molly had a nice afternoon downstairs while I headed up to the Office and reviewed like crazy.

At least, that was the plan. Instead what actually happened was that I sat down and started reviewing Kyle Baker's excellent The Cowboy Wally Show - one of the funniest and entertaining books I've ever read. But the words just wouldn't come, everything I wrote was just plain wrong and in the end it's taken until now to actually get a version I'm at least moderately happy with.
But it's done now and can go into the finished folder ready for e-mailing to Joe at the FPI blog.

All in all, a rubbish afternoon, very frustrating. And worse still Middlesborough didn't beat Man Utd today either. Which means it's replay on the Monday before the important England game on Sat 24th. I know it's only Israel but it's a Euro qualifier and the likelihood is that more players will pull out injured after the replay. Which means instead of an embarrassing tough win we'll get stuffed instead because we're relying on twats like Jermaine bloody Defoe.

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