Sunday, March 18, 2007

Comic Relief. oh Mr Blair.........

What was most interesting about Comic Relief last Friday night was the Tony Blair meets Lauren / Catherine Tate sketch.
It was surprisingly funny and showed a side of Blair we have not seen for a while.
But more importantly, did anyone else think that there was something inherently wrong with the sketch?

The character of Lauren represents so much of what is fundamentally wrong in this country; a cultural ignorance, the rise of the underclass, youth without boundaries, standards or any self awareness or self control.
It's such a well realised character sketch because it's profoundly true. I saw little Laurens every day working at Smiths Wood in Birmingham. The lack of ambition, the pride in being totally ignorant and the derision and scorn for anything worthy or worthwhile in the world.

So after the sketch all that was left in my mind was incredulity that Blair had the bollocks to pull this shit.
I know his lot aren't responsible for creating a lot of the troubles that kids like Lauren represent, but they certainly haven't done a lot to deal with the problem either.

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