Sunday, March 18, 2007

The great digital TV switchover. What shall poor Mr Chav do?

Louise was telling me tonight about something she saw or read concerning the great analogue tv switch off that will be sweeping the country in the coming years as we all get forcibly repatriated into the digital realm.
It asked the important question about whether we're ready for it or not. By now even luddites like us who refused to enter into the digital realm have got digital on at least one tv in the house. But most of us have more than one tv. It could be feasible that an awful lot of portable tvs will be junked after the switch over.

It also asked the important question about who may need help with the transition.
The first group is pretty obvious. Old folks. The morning after the switch off every TV repair shop in the region is going to look like the post office on pension morning.

But according to Louise this piece also talked about the problem that many families on benefits would face on digital switchover day. It's logical argument being that the poorest sectors of society will not have the available funds to upgrade their televisions..
Excuse me?
Now I know that in some places this will no doubt be true but let's play the game of ridiculous over simplification.
Would this be the wonderful underclass we're talking about again?
No proper food on the table and a lack of manners, social niceties and conscience but always at the front of the queue for fags, the latest mobile phones (always multiple phones), PlayStation's, and the biggest tv sets they can possibly fit into their houses - after all, since they spend all day at home claiming benefits, they need a big tv to watch all those episodes of Trisha and Jeremy Kyle.

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