Saturday, April 07, 2007

Nostalgia & Comics & Me ...... the photos part 1

On a recent trip to Birmingham, lovely Mr Dave, boss at Nostalgia & Comics handed me a pile of convention and signing photos - presented here as some form of interesting historical record.

Of course, seeing as he gave them to me in the pub, we don't really have any confirmed dates. Hell, you're lucky I remembered to bring them home.

(DAVE - If you're reading this, please let me know if I've got the names or dates wrong so I can amend as necessary!)

Lets start with a couple of early Birmingham convention shots. Nostalgia & Comics held the first comic convention in the country back in 1968, organised by my old boss at Nostalgia & Comics, Phil Clarke.
These would be from the Birmingham Comic Art Show sometime in the mid 80s possibly.... (Classic X-Men #1 in the second picture, Art Adams signing)

In the last one, if my memory serves me right, the ginger haired , blue shirted gentleman is Art Adams, a famously slow comics artist before it became the norm.
Art is also seen below in deep conversation with Paul Gambacinni.
(I think it's the same convention):

Brian Bolland:

Brian Bolland, Art Adams, Mark Farmer, Kev O'Neil:

Charles Vess, Bryan Talbot, Mike Kaluta (we think!), John Ridgway & Hunt Emerson:

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  1. Once a comic fan always a comic fan - Paul Gambacini was in Gosh comics the other week looking for Dave McKean's Cages ;)