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Nostalgia & Comics & Me - the photos part 2

More photos provided by Dave at Nostalgia & Comics.

These Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons signings happened around the time of the Watchmen finale in 1987.
Of particular interest to me in all these old photos is looking at the stock we carried back then. For example; in the first shot with Alan Moore talking to his fans, we have a shelf full of Asterix and Tintin in the background and Garfield in the foreground. We haven't carried them in years. Interesting perhaps only to me.
Of note in the photo below of Alan Moore doing his meet & greet is the gent in the check shirt with the beard. That's Steve Pugh, noted artist. Also in the white jumper looking nonchalantly off-photo is my good friend Simon.

One wonderful anecdote from the Watchmen signings. Firstly it was possibly the best signing session i've ever worked - possibly because it was my first at the shop - I was only 16 at the time and had just started reading Watchmen and was loving it. But the best thing was after the signing. Alan and Dave finished the signing, we ushered the last people out the doors and locked up. Then Alan and Dave started wandering round the shop, picking stuff up from the shelves and amassing a big pile of stuff they wanted. But at some point it became obvious that etiquette for the tour had been set at some previous signing date on the tour. It appears that somewhere they'd been told to just take their pick of what they wanted and take it for free. Sadly, no-one had bothered to inform Phil (the owner of Nostalgia & Comics at the time) about this. So to see his face blanch as realisation dawned was a very funny sight.

This wonderfully photo comes from the special DC Comics 50th birthday party we hosted in 1988. Given Alan's continual fallings out with DC over the years, his threatening stance with the knife looks like he's just looked deep into the future......

And finally, two from a London convention. The first is Alan Moore in his famous white suit, a very young Neil Gaiman (still a journalist back then) & Dave Gibbons. Circa 1988/9?

And judging by the insipid grey background this is from the same convention, this time it's Frank Miller & Lynn Varley:

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