Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stupidity Tax....

Today was stupidity tax day. It's a concept that I read about first on Eddie Campbell's blog and it makes absolute sense.
Here's what Eddie had to say on the subject:

I was cycling to town today, as is my wont a couple of times every week, to have lunch with my pals Best and White, and realized, when it was too late to turn back , that I'd forgotten the key to my bike's lock and chain. So I stopped en route and bought a cheap lock and chain for fourteen bucks, just a lightweight one to get me by for one day. There are two ways of looking at this. First, you can say that you paid fourteen bucks just to park a push-bike for two and a half hours (we take our time over lunch), or you can take a more stoical account of the situation and say the fourteen bucks was the quarterly 'stupidity tax.'At least once every three months the world demands that you will spend money on some thing that you neither want nor need, and it could have been avoided if you were paying attention. Just accept it, hey?

Well, today was my turn. When I last cleaned the car in the car wash (Yes, I still use car washes, I really can't see the point of spending an hour of my time washing the damn thing by hand) I took the aerial off and put it inside the car. As is my want I then forgot to put it back on.
Until today when I went looking for it and could not find it anywhere. It's either fallen out of the car or more likely, I've managed to throw it away somehow.
New aerial - £10, chalk it up to the stupidity tax and move on.

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