Sunday, March 11, 2007

TV watching. Or lack of it......

The TV situation in Bruton mansions is now on the slide again.

Between parenting, work, sleep, reading, music, blogging and now reviewing it seems I don't actually have any hours left in the day,

This means that my TV viewing is now down to:

Heroes. (usually Saturday night at 11:30)
24, Rescue Me, Life on Mars, Nip/Tuck - although I'm at least an episode behind on all of these and I've very little chance of catching up with most of these.
I even managed to completely miss the first Channel 4 episode of the last series of the Sopranos.
Completely given up on Ugly Betty now, every episode is exactly the bloody same - or is that just me?
And when I do sit down for half an hour I usually end up either watching old Frasier or QI.

Or I flick like mad through the music channels to find something (anything) worth listening to. Last night I hit paydirt and ended up staying up far too late because MTV2 had a half hour of pure Sonic Youth. Wonderful.

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