Friday, March 02, 2007

Today I found I actually could do this ICT lark....

Today was the final day of installation for the four interactive whiteboards we've had installed throughout the school. And what a bloody horrible week it's been as well.

Now don't get me wrong, compared to the average week at Smiths Wood where I used to work as Science Technician, this week was an absolute breeze, but relative to a normal week in this delightful primary it wasn't half stressful.

Having workmen at your house is stressful enough, but having workmen at school, doing an installation that you have completely organised and having to do all the internal organisation as well - that's really stressful. But we managed. All the classes were juggled around nicely, there were only a couple of problems and nothing that wasn't solved very quickly.

But I did finally conquer the one really bad fear - the monster under the bed scenario - that's been looming over me (although surely a monster under the bed tends to loom under you?). Having new smartboards meant having to utilise some of the unused network points. This meant venturing into the server cupboard where the patch panel is. Up until now I'd tried to block the complicated mess of wires and sockets out of my mind, but I could put it off no longer.

And after a bit of a chat with the installers for the smartboards and the ICT literate Year 6 teacher I found out that it really wasn't that bad. Of course, there was a terrible feeling of trepidation as I patched in the first network point, but that was quickly followed by a fantastic and quite ridiculous feeling of achievement as the network point registered the computer and found the network.
I am an ICT professional now!

Next week I become the webmaster for the school and that opens up another huge kettle of fish, although with what I've learnt about html and css from doing this weblog at least I can approach that one without too much fear.

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