Thursday, March 01, 2007

World Book Day 2007 - Guess what Molly was.....

After a few days of pure comics posts, here's what else has been happening....

Today at Molly's school it was World Book Day. After years of her going to a school where fancy dress and special dress up days were not really observed that much and we knew that if she went in her school uniform, she'd not be alone, it seems we're destined to have to get a wardrobe full of fancy dress costumes.

Every single child at Molly's school was in fancy dress today.
So luckily the thoughts we had last night that Molly could just go in school uniform because we just didn't have anything suitable for her to wear stayed as thoughts. We'd borrowed fairy wings and skirt from one of the more organised TAs at school (it seems she has a whole room of her house just for dressing up clothes from what she was saying to me about it - Molly was the third child she'd kitted out!). But then Molly decided she wanted to go as Hermione from Harry Potter. But we didn't have anything to go with that look so she just dropped the whole thing.
Until last night. When she decided that she absolutely, positively, had to go dressed up.
Big falling out. Because the dress is too scratchy, the wings too difficult to put on etc etc.
Luckily this morning was a fresh start and Molly and I got cracking on the outfit. The scratchy skirt is solved by leggings underneath and t-shirt going inside the skirt. We worked out how to wear the wings properly as well.
But the masterstroke was the goldfish and goldfish bowl. Pure Bue Peter moment as daddy disappears into the garage and comes back with a stanley knife and the apple juice bottle. 1 minute later and a bit of string and wee have our goldfish bowl. Molly cracked on with the goldfish and by half eight this morning we were ready to face the world.........
This was Molly's costume:

(Fairy wings from one of the TAs at school, skirt from same, goldfish bowl from apple juice bottle hastily constructed by daddy, goldfish model's own.)

Any ideas what she was meant to be?
Give up yet?
It was this:

(of course)

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