Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New content at last!!
A quick round up

After several days of me just putting up those posts I've been doing as part of my PROPAGANDA reviews at the FPI weblog, I'm finally back.

So, what's been going on for the last few days?
After getting back from Birmingham / Dudley on those wonderful but expensive new tyres, we had a lovely relaxing Friday at home (when we eventually got there of course, after a long, tiresome but still fairly relaxed journey up the M1 with it's sarcastic 50mph speed limit signs.

I can never really understand those people who complain and whinge and moan about motorways. I know it's a pain when you're stuck in a traffic jam, but it's always going to happen. There's very little you can do about it - unless you'd care to shut the hell up and get the train instead?

Anyway, we were all home safely for Friday night.
Then we had guests for the weekend, Mark, Viki & Family came up to stay Saturday night. We got to see their lovely children again and for a couple of days had that wonderful experience of having a baby back in the house.
With the baby years safely behind us now and determined to keep the adults to children ratio in the house at 2:1, it's lovely to be able to borrow babies. Suddenly everything about them takes you on a nostalgic trip back - and I do mean everything; poo, crying, milky sick, winding - it's all lovely.
Of course, at the time, the prospect of winding Molly every night around 7pm knowing that the end result would be her bringing back her bottle all over your back, leg or, if you aimed just right, the kitchen floor, wasn't quite so delightful.

Burnby Hall & Gardens on the Saturday
Bridlington beach on Sunday
A very good weekend.

And then, Monday morning - back to work. It's pretty indicative of how much I'm enjoying the job that my Sunday night wasn't spent bemoaning having to go into work and my Monday morning didn't involve me driving into work working out how little money I could actually afford to live on and whether I could give up work and attain this level.
Instead I positively skipped into work Monday morning. Nice and early, dragging a portable dvd player, power rangers dvds, felt pens, drawing paper, Simpsons Comics, jam sandwiches and 5 cuddly toys behind me.
Because Monday was bring your child to school day.

Well, actually, Monday was "Molly's school are having a training day and we didn't sort out anyone to have her but luckily my school was having a training day as well and the head kindly said it would be alright to bring her in" day.
Got in at 8:30, left at 4:30. I'd actually done most of what I intended to do by 2:00 but Molly had decided that the one thing she wanted to do more than anything was take the 5 cuddly toys (her "children") into one of the classrooms and teach them using the interactive whiteboard.
Unfortunately the classrooms were all in use for the training day so she wasn't going to be able to and we talked about heading home.
Of course, me, being an idiot, mentioned that we'd have to wait until 3pm to get into one of the classrooms to use the whiteboard. Molly thought about this for a whole second and decided that's what she wanted to do. So we stayed, her watching Power Rangers SPD, me doing some extra work until 3pm. Then we both went into the classroom and played schools for an hour. She's very good with the whiteboard and may well be running training sessions on it in the near future.

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