Tuesday, April 24, 2007


At the moment it seems like I'm spending an awful lot of time thinking about doing things rather than actually doing them. It's something that I've always had the tendency to do, but in the last week and a bit it seems to be worse.

It isn't helping me that I'm absolutely exhausted at the moment - which is, of course, all my own fault - too many late nights over the Easter holidays that have unfortunately continued into this term. The resolution to go to bed at midnight on school nights bit the dust a long time ago I'm afraid.

And it seems that my day goes something like this:
Get up (tired)
Get Molly and I sorted; breakfast, play, dress, clean house if time
Off to school for Molly & me
Back from school, tea and out to Brownies/Swimming/other
Feel wiped out and ready to go to sleep at 6-9
Slowly wake up with a head full of cotton wool at 10-12
Blog a bit, write a bit of reviews I've got on the go, mess around on the interweb
Crawl into bed at 2am
Until the weekend where I spend far too much of Saturday morning in bed and then feel wiped out for the rest of the day.

So tonight it's time for a change:
Less: late nights, messing around on the interweb thingy,
More: Good quality writing, reading (I haven't touched a book for weeks I'm ashamed to say)
See how long that resolution lasts!
Things I have to do:
Get the next lot of reviews done
Finish that Paul Pope essay thing
Finish the Alan Moore magic essay thing
Do some research for school. For the past few months I've been saying I must really look at the copy of "Networking for Dummies" I bought when I got the ICT technician job back in January. But I'vbe also borrowed the ICT textbooks for year 1-6 to get an idea of what topics the children will be doing.
& It should be no surprise to anyone that they're just sitting there gathering dust.
I've also told myself that I should look at getting a few books on being a Teaching Assistant.
I figure it may be a good idea, seeing as I'm going to become one in a few weeks.

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