Monday, May 14, 2007

Bristol Comic Con 2007...... No.
Birmingham Comics Show 2007 YES!

I didn't go to the Bristol Comics Con.

I thought about it. I really did. Then I forgot about it. And by the time my memory was jogged enough for me to do something about it, all the hotel rooms bar the really expensive ones had sold out.
And if you think I'm paying over a hundred quid a night for a hotel to go to a comic convention, you're wildly mistaken.

However, I would have liked to have gone. It's always nice to meet up with some of the comics people you've had contact with over the years and then head to a bar and get drunk.
Or go to a few interesting panels, peruse the comics on display at the creator stands and then head to the bar and get drunk.
I can't help it. Comic Conventions and drinking ridiculous amounts just seem to go together.
Or maybe that's because I know Ben McCool, the foremost exponent of the new sport of competitive storytelling whilst getting drunker and drunker and drunker. Bless him.
Which reminds me......

October 13th & 14th 2007. I'll be going along this year. Hope to see you all there.
I'll be in the bar.

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