Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pocklington Flying Man Festival update
Flying bears

Another weekend over with in Bruton mansions. I've played with the Libretto a lot more, ordered two more little toys from ebay; a card reader and usb reader for it. No doubt I'll be blogging all about the trial and tribulations of installing those at some later date.

We also threw a teddy bear off the top of a church this weekend.

Something that I doubt many other people who don't happen to live in Pocklington will be able to say.

As mentioned earlier this weekend was the third annual Pocklington Flying Man Festival. Part of this is the clever idea to get children to pay a pound to have their teddy's plunge down a zipline from the top of the church tower to the graveyard below.

Teddys in full flight

After much worry about the safety of her bear, Molly was eventually reassured by the nice people in charge.

Bear was strapped into a harness, hoisted up to the top of All Saints Church and launched down the ropes to reach ground safely. We have a certificate and a very happy child.

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