Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Brownie performance

Yesterday was another of those parenting moments that come around every so often where you're paying for some horrible transgression in your past...
The sort of night that you imagine is used as punishment in hell.

Molly's Brownies had a performance night so they could earn their Hostess and Entertainer badges.
We, as parents were invited along to see the show. Because we're lovely parents and keep falling for this sort of shit every time we didn't make our excuses and actually showed up for 50 minutes of complete mind numbing boredom.
Molly wasn't even performing. She and her shy friend were handing out the programs at the door. She's very shy when she wants to be, my daughter. Doesn't like getting up in front of people at all.

This is the moment when I'm supposed to tell you that it was lovely and all the children were very talented and sweet. But it wasn't. It was shit. So we had to sit down and lose 3/4 of an hour of our lives to watch someone else's kids sing badly, act badly and read poetry badly.
It's bad when it's your own but when it's someone else's kids it's bloody awful.

Maybe we should just write it off as some form of parent tax?

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