Thursday, May 24, 2007

Growing Old Disgracefully and Coming Apart At The Seams.....

When I was younger (so much younger than today) I used to be the picture of perfect health.

Now you could start from the tips of my toes and work your way up to the top of my head and make an extensive list of all the crap that's wrong with me.
(to keep the song motif going - what a drag it is getting old).

The latest thing is my right ankle.
I knocked it a couple of weeks ago and it just hasn't been right since. Very probably just a bad bruise on the bone or something like it, but it's really playing up at the moment.

On the same foot, there's the arthritic big toe. Which, although it sounds trivial, tends to flare up occasionally and it's then agony to walk a lot and practically impossible to run.

Then there's the knees. Right one's worse than the left one but they're both in really bad shape.
My back I've talked about many times before. But since going to the Physio and doing her exercises, it's nowhere near as bad.
Related to the back is the shoulders. Every so often I'll wake up in a morning and have a horrible feeling in my shoulderblade. Not painful as such, more like an irritant. That feeling that if you just found the precise way to move your arm or twist your spine, you'd be able to release all the built up tension and everything would be alright. But no matter how i bend, twist, manipulate and yank, it lasts most of the day, before going as mysteriously as it appeared.

Of course having a knackered back, shoulders, knees and foot means I'm almost at the point of asking for a walking stick for Father's Day.

So, whining over.
On the plus side, since moving up to Yorkshire I'm having less instances of borderline depression (although, being the classic delusional type I prefer to refer to them as bouts of melancholy).
And the arthritis I was starting to feel in my thumb on my right hand seems to be lessening since getting up here.I'm a lot healthier now. More walking (even with the toe and knees and back) and a lot of swimming now that molly is old enough and proficient to either swim with me or play in the pool as I do lengths.

Just in case you were interested.


  1. On the plus side, Richard can now predict when a storm is coming from the pain in his old joints :-)

  2. You better hope that's not true otherwise we're in for a really, really, really wet summer and we're about to become a much smaller island as most of London, the home counties and Norfolk will be underwater from the continual pain in my ankle today.